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Interpret artificial intelligence in industry 4.0

At present, the ai market faces challenges.
It becomes more and more easy to get the necessary information for people.
Whatever is artificial intelligence on the science and technology or in real life, led a era of artificial intelligence, namely the era of "smart", in order to meet the needs of the people's life, puts forward the concept of "four industry" in Germany.
The Chinese government has developed "China 2025" 2015.
Meanwhile, the "industrial Internet" was proposed by the United States in 2009.
They are all committed to transforming traditional industries through the Internet.

Industry 4.0 is a high-tech strategic plan proposed by the German government.
The project is funded jointly by the federal ministry of education and research and the federal department of economic and technology, which is expected to invest 200 million euros.
It aims to improve the intelligence level of manufacturing industry, establish the adaptability, resource efficiency and human being engineering wisdom factory, and integrate the customers and business partners in the business process and value process.
Its technical basis is the network entity system and the Internet of things.

Germany's industrial four generation (Industry4.0) refers to the use of physical union information system (Cyber - PhysicalSystem CPS) will supply in production, manufacturing, sales information of digital, wisdom, finally achieve rapid, effective, and personalized product supply.

Smart factories connect smart physical devices through industrial Internet smart physical devices.
Smart devices can do calculations, communication, precise control, remote assistance and autonomy.
In the future, first we need to get custom information from customers.
Then, cloud-based design and manufacturing will be designed and simulated.
Finally, the customer confirms that the product is integrated with the computer and sends the appropriate data to the appropriate device.
Smart devices can read labels from each other to achieve information transfer functions.
Based on information, smart devices can complete manufacturing, testing, and other activities.
Smart factories are data based businesses.
Daily operation depends mainly on the following software and hardware of intelligent factory: iot industry, industry network security and industry data, cloud computing platform, MES system, virtual reality, RFID, 3 d printing, machine vision, intelligent logistics, etc.
Hardware includes industrial robots, data collection, industrial switches.

Hawking has also made a special speech on the explosive power of artificial intelligence, the theme of "let artificial intelligence benefit humanity and the home that sustains it."
He has repeatedly warned that humans need to be alert to machines that pose a threat, describing the possibility of superartificial intelligence.
Once out of bondage, "artificial intelligence in a constant state of accelerated to redesign itself, due to the limitation of the long evolution, human can't compete with, will be replaced, which will bring great damage to our economy.
We cannot know that we will be infinitely given the help of artificial intelligence, or be despised and marginalized, or likely to be destroyed by it."

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