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The 14th Beijing international industrial automation exhibition in Beijing will help your business take off

At each show, we promise you more: bigger business opportunities, stronger teams, wider audience, more learning opportunities.

The 14th Beijing international industrial automation exhibition in Beijing will help your business take off

China (Beijing) international exhibition of industrial automation (AIAE)) is a business meeting in the field of industrial intelligence, attracted 180 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, 38, of the world's top 500 professional audience of 68987 people, exhibition area of 31000 square meters, to be held in Beijing in June each year, has successfully held the 13th.

AIAE Beijing China international exhibition on industrial automation covering important areas in several sectors, including robot, image technology, sensors, industrial measurement, connection system, drive and mechanical drive system and control technology, etc., for China's rapid growth and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing solution of keeping pace with The Times, is an ideal trading platform to develop huge Chinese market.

Has organized since 2005 service in north China market for 13 years, marked the milestone, the conference will be special for the automation in north China attending enterprises in the process of multiple activities, improve the industry have a further understanding on the new development of industrial automation, for details, please keep an eye on www.auto-wo.com/ website show official WeChat ID or attention.

I. basic information

Exhibition name: 2018 10th China Beijing international industrial automation exhibition (AIAE)

The exhibition's official website: http://www.auto-wo.com/

Exhibition venue: China international exhibition center

Exhibition time: June 13-15, 2018

Organizer: Beijing institute of mechanical engineering

China electrical and mechanical products circulation association

Organizer: Beijing China trade union exhibition co. LTD

2017 exhibition review

Exhibition area: 31,000 square metres

Exhibitors: more than 180 Chinese and foreign exhibitors (from 16 countries and regions)

Number of audience: 68987 professional audience (from 18 countries and regions)

Professional seminar: 12 applications technology BBS, involving a new hotspot application industry

Group of professional buyers: 16 enterprises, from industry organizations, large enterprises, covering multiple application industries

Business pairing: 300 business pairing meetings, 89% of participants agreed on purchasing intentions

Reasons for choosing

1. Long-term foothold in China's important industrial base of the exhibition, dig beijing-tianjin-hebei regional leading industry companies, domestic numerous industry, including automotive, machinery manufacturing, rail transportation, energy, electric power, machine tools, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace, biomedical, food and beverage industry, packaging and printing, etc.

2. In the exhibition, there will be more than 180 enterprises in the field of automation in the field of automation, which will deduct the intelligent manufacturing solutions, and the participation rate of international enterprises will be as high as 35 percent.
Every year, nearly 70,000 professional buyers are attracted to the site to visit and purchase.

3. Held intelligent manufacturing conference for many years and held many seminars, peak BBS and buyer matching activities during the same period.

4. The on-site AD hoc "industry 4.0 zone" will be led by the automation top enterprises and research institutes that propose and practice "industry 4.0" to display different "industrial 4.0" in kind or model.

5. CCTV, xinhua news agency, China news agency, China industry news, China trade news, and new media official website WeChat weibo a combination of multiple platforms such as help the exhibitors to product promotion at the same time.

6. Believe that through the international industrial automation exhibition in Beijing, China (AIAE) is the leading manufacturing industry development trend and the latest policy issued by international display platform, the exhibitors can in a more quick and efficient way to establish and maintain customer relationship, to acquire new sales sales channels, expand and promote new product publicity, establish higher corporate brand image in order to further enhance the market competitiveness.

The feast of the buyers of the top technology festivals

The three-day exhibition attracted 68987 professional buyers, including domestic audience professional buyers from 30 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, of which the audience of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region accounted for 89% of the relative proportion of overseas audience from 26 countries and regions.
During the exhibition, more than 160 enterprises from all over the country visited the exhibition!

Face to face with the important manufacturers and enterprises in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, AIAE2018 will not be missed!

· enter the beijing-tianjin-hebei market, which is reputed as one of the world-class manufacturing bases

· facing decision makers from One Belt And One Road to continue the country's emerging enterprises

· receive specially invited professional buyers to communicate with the technical and engineering personnel of each company

· contact thousands of professional buyers from all over the world

· met leading figures from the global authority industry association

· met with top media and publishing houses in the industry

·The size of the machine vision market has exploded into a core element of industry 4.0
·The machinery industry is fully ready for the dynamic transformation
·Investment promotion in full
·Interpret artificial intelligence in industry 4.0
·Four trends drive smart manufacturing for the future
·Intelligent manufacturing, how to take the first step of artificial intelligence
·The prospect of the transformation of the industrial automation market to the robot business is broad
·Ostentatious work full swing
·Development of industrial automation accelerates
·Intelligent Automation packaging line
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