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The size of the machine vision market has exploded into a core element of industry 4.0

Machine vision is a branch of rapid development of artificial intelligence. In short, machine vision is to use machines instead of human eyes to make measurements and judgments.Machine vision is known as the "eye" of intelligent manufacturing, which is the key to improve manufacturing efficiency and intelligent automation.With the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the continuous advancement of intelligent manufacturing, the demand for machine vision products is increasing.

In recent decades, the rapid in machine vision category, the visual system because of its non touch, fast speed, high precision, strong anti-interference ability outstanding merits, such as the machine visual skills in agriculture, industry, medicine and other areas has been widely used.

Machine vision mainly refers to computer image recognition, and the algorithm software is used to identify digital images.A typical machine vision system includes light source, lens, high-speed camera, picture collection card and visual processor 5.

Forward-looking industry research institute of Chinese machine vision industry development prospects and investment analysis report, according to data in recent years, the global machine vision industry developing rapidly, in 2015, the global machine vision systems and components market size of $4.2 billion, 2018, the size of the market is expected to more than $5 billion.

Machine vision technology is a combination of software and hardware. The main components include camera, camera, image sensor, visual processing and communication equipment.A complete system can capture images of arbitrary objects and analyze them based on different parameters of quality and security.Vision technology can greatly improve the ability of information acquisition in industrial automation, information will no longer be a single dimension of simple data, but the wide-area stereo huge amounts of data, at the same time, the speed limit, such as size, spectral dimension greatly breakthrough human eyes.

In the process of intelligent manufacturing, machine vision mainly use computers to simulate human visual function, namely the objective things image information extraction, processing and understanding, finally used in the actual detection, measurement and control.The application of machine vision in life and its wide range are playing an important role in the fields of transportation, hydrological observation and geological hazard warning.

On the macro level, the fast developing segment is face recognition and image recognition.The two branches are concentrated in finance, security and transportation.In addition, China's machine vision system is also used for the first time in semiconductor and electronic manufacturing, and the more outstanding is in SMT patch, AOI/AXI equipment and adapter detection.

Industry 4.0 is inseparable from intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from machine vision.Machine vision is the necessary means to realize industrial automation and intellectualization, which is equal to the extension of human vision on the machine.Machine vision has the advantages of high automation, high efficiency, high accuracy and poor adaptability. It will play an important role in the realization of industrial automation in China.

Although China's machine vision started late, it has become the world's third largest machine vision mall after the United States and Japan.With the increasing of intelligent manufacturing, the demand for machine vision will increase gradually.At present, our country manufacturing change will detonate visual image industry rapid development, China machine vision must also bear the historical responsibility of responsibility, power transformation and upgrading of China's industrial manufacturing, and town from behind!

Vision and image technology is an important core of industry 4.0. It is the inevitable and the choice of The Times to promote the development of technology.History of development of 30 years, China's visual industry opportunity not fault-tolerant, again don't groan standing at the time, we need to move fast, play a flourishing wit, show strong innovation, in the era spring tide my hero!

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